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If you perform in schools, or if you are occasionally asked to “work a message” into your show, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find ten educational routines that are proven effective for elementary audiences, but you'll find they are easily adaptable to churches, libraries, community groups and scouts.

There are 5 Character Routines, 4 Environment Routines and 1 Reading Routine – each of which has been honed to perfection in over 500 performances each. Good news is, not only do you get the scripts, we have the video clips to go along with them as well for you.

But please don’t copy these scripts word for word. The last thing you want to be is a carbon copy of me. If you find a routine that’d be perfect for your show, then memorize the lessons, learn where the messages go, and use my routines as a template to build on. Add your own personality, jokes and style. Eventually you’ll have something that works for you. You’ll have an educational routine that gets kids excited, makes teachers happy and adds a few more memories to your shows.

About Doug Scheer

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Doug Scheer is Michigan’s #1 elementary school performer. He is widely recognized as one of the country’s top children’s educational performers and is a regular lecturer and performer at the international children’s performer conference, Kidabra.

He was the contributing school show expert in the national trade magazine MAGIC for four years and was invited to perform at the White House in 2008. In 2007, Doug lectured to, and was invited to join, the elite children's performance group KGB (Kid show Guru Brain trust): a mastermind group of the world's top children's performers.

Doug honed his expertise over 18 years while touring throughout North America as a featured trade show magician for Chevrolet’s auto shows. He currently franchises two of this school productions, writes educational and trade show presentations for Fortune 500 companies, and maintains a performance schedule of over 600 shows annually. He’s a highly sought after performance teacher and coach with an expertise in combining education with entertainment. Learn more about Doug at his website.

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Be sure to check back here occasionally. As new scripts are published they will be made available here. You'll be able to pick and choose which routine you want to buy for only $15 each. You'll hear from me once those are ready.

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If you have any comments or suggestions about this site or the Scripts & Clips book, let me know. If you want to sell me junk or tell me how I can get on the first page of a Google search don't bother. Otherwise, I'd love to hear from you. So, what's on your mind?


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We'll script it out, publish the video and send you $7 every time someone buys access to your video. There's a minimal, one-time fee charged to you for the scripting and video conversion, but you'll make that investment back on the first couple of purchases.

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